Well HELLO Brand-Magic Maker! Welcome to the team : )

Your business is really coming together (AMAZING) and you WANT to start playing bigger right?

To build your own community and step into your SUCCESS ERA?! But you keep getting a bit stuck with content and that gem of a business just isn't reaching your people (yet!). 

My free guide 'THE BRAND MAGIC FORMULA'  is packed with super quick-and-easy-to-activate branding tips,  saving you hours of faffing on Canva and leaving you more time to actually work on your own business or reclaim that extra time for whatever brings you joy!

This is for YOU if:

  • You know in your soul that what you've made is GOLD and will really help people
  • You've worked so hard to get where you are today, but where for-the-love-of-God are the customers???
  • The hours you've lost to trying to create content makes you want to weep
  • You're embarrassed to tell people your website URL, because - yeah let's just not go there 🥴 (it's ok, no judgement here) 
  • People have started saying 'you should try and get an investor for this, you know' - but how to even start getting a pitch together?!

Once you've read through the guide you will -

  • Understand how to use colour & space in content & photography to cleverly start to become memorable & recognisable to the right people
  • Make your messaging really stand out & hook attention with every post
  • Know the core elements to keep consistent to build trust with your audience

Ready to fly even further?

My 3 perfectly formed offers have been crafted especially for you;

💕 you amazing heart-led business adventurer 

✨ with BIG ambition in your soul 

✈️ craving the freedom to work wherever you've just landed - no matter WHAT stage of business you're at!


Ambitious business adventurers who care about starting out right, creating a solid foundation for growing a serious brand as the business evolves and expands. It's early stages, but you're beginning to gain traction with  word-of-mouth referrals. You understand the importance of creating a brand to build & maintain trust but want to work in smaller stages.

Ready in 1-2 weeks: design of one logo, files for print & digital use.

BRAND GLOW  is for

Ambitious business adventurers fed up with inching along with cheapo ‘quick-fix’ or DIY branding attempts. People NEED what you're offering & you're out to build a community. Your brand's  presence is digital-only but currently all your channels are a bit of a mish-mash & the services aren't very clear to your audience (social media channels, linktree, email marketing & website).

Ready in approx 4 weeks: business journey interview, strategy, logo suite, colour palette, brand fonts, brand style guide, Instagram mock-up.


Ambitious business adventurers with a physical product & the desire to scale your business at pace. You've sweated blood & tears to get where you are, and people are now clamouring to buy. Everyone is saying 'get investment'. It's time for major VISIBILITY as your product is not only better than, but more responsibly produced than, the big league competitors. Let's tell EVERYONE! 

Takes 4-8 weeks: business journey interview, strategy, competitor analysis & market research, brand model, design of the brand’s entire graphic ‘universe’, full brand activation guidelines & all designs visualised in real-life scenarios.